The Access to Wealth – Mentoring Program

Wealth Collage

“To really have power in the area of wealth you have to understand the relationship between wealth, value and money.

When you get this relationship, not just in your head, but at your core, a whole new world will open up giving you a profound shift in both your experience of wealth and in your own personal value.”

“The Access to Wealth” is a 10 week mentoring program that will transform your experience of money, value and wealth. It will allow you to experience the relationship between the three, and the significance of each for you and for others.
Bringing together a unique distinctions, this program will alter your understanding at an experiential level and will allow access to a whole new world in the area of wealth.
The tuition includes 5 x 90 minute one-on-one sessions, and telephone and email support between sessions .
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