5 Things That Really Work About Money

To continue the exploration of our relationship to money here are five things that really work about it.
1. Money is very easy to carry around in my pocket.
If we were all trading cabbages I would need to wear much bigger pants.2. Money simplifies marketplaces.
Without money, Victoria Market would be chaos. Fishmongers would be trying to swap trout for cheese. Apple farmers would be trying to swap boxes of apples for bags of macadamias. Firstly though they would need to try and find which macadamia farmer wanted apples the most so they could then get the most macadamia for their apple. Chaos would reign. The whole market would have to close down by 7am. I wouldn’t know where to start when the kids wanted a borek.3. When it comes to providing value, money is a way of keeping score.
Lets face it, value is a difficult thing to quantify. Putting a number to it gives it some sort of measurability. It may not be accurate but it gives us a place to start. How much value I am worth may not be completely reflected in how much I earn, but it does give some measure of how good I am at providing value to the world. I may think I am providing all sorts of value, but the real test comes when I ask someone if they will pay me for it. Then I find out what it is really worth to them.
4. Money helps us create value.
Money facilitates trading and more trading creates more value. Imagine I have an item I don’t want and you have an item you don’t want and we would both benefit more from the other persons item. If we swap items, value just got created. There was a net increase in value in the world (not money – value). Both parties won. This is why people trade things all day long. We trade something of less value for something of more value. Money makes trading easier. That is the real power of money. Money isn’t wealth. Money facilitates wealth.
5. Money allows us to fulfill much bigger projects.
On one level, having to manage money may stifle our personal creativity, but it allows us to be creative on a much larger scale.
If I need to build an orphanage in Sri Lanka, I couldn’t do it if money didn’t exist. The builders in Sri Lanka may not like cabbages. Especially after they had been on a boat for two weeks. Money allows us to collaborate on a much bigger scale. As the consciousness of the planet increases, money will play a major part in our capacity to make a difference with each other. The usefulness of money increases as the size of the project increases.
The more I understand the relationship between money, value and wealth the more I fall in love with the concept of money. It is a remarkable commodity. What it provides in the world is beautiful. It allows for an infinite increase in our capacity to make a difference.
It may not be getting used efficiently yet, but that is due to our relationship to it. When our relationship to it changes, when we start to use money, rather than be used by money, then the whole world will shift.
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