What is your self-expression?

GraduateI’ve never been very interested in playing roles in life. Sure I’ve done it lots of times. In relationships, in jobs, etc.
I always hated it though. I always understood that the world would never get the best out of me when I had to fit inside a role.
As a self-expression – I rock. Inside playing a role – I’m a jerk.
At 17 I went to university. Not because I wanted to get a degree. I didn’t. In fact as a 17 year old I was fundamentally against spending 4 years studying hard to then spend the next 40 years working hard. It seemed that getting a degree would negatively impact my freedom and my experience of life. It didn’t go well and I failed most of my exams.
It was a good experience though, so the next year I found another Uni and did the same again.
15 years later I needed to have a degree to become a resident in Australia. Being allowed to live in Australia was very important to me and I completed a 3 year degree in 2 and a half years and graduated with High Distinction average.
Now I don’t think I am so special that this is just me. It is the same for all of us. Trying to get someone to do something they don’t want to do is madness. Even if that someone is you.
If you take this to the whole of life, it makes sense to have as much of your life as possible be built around what is truly a self expression for you.
Then performance is natural. Life flows, results flow and even if you don’t produce results you will have a lot more fun along the way.
The more you can have your life be a self-expression for you, the more your life will rock!!
Terence Sweeney delivers mentoring programs to connect people to their self-expression and to have it be expressed in the world. For more information on how he can work with you, contact Terence here.

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