You will never have a big life by listening to your head

Business Man walking tightropeHere is the deal about our head and our heart.
Your head is not designed to create a big life for you. It is designed to keep you safe. To survive.
The part of you that wants to have a big life… that is your heart.
So how do you distinguish between what your heart is telling you and what your head is telling you.
Have you ever been to the top of a tall building, looked over the edge and felt a part of you wanted to jump off?
That part was your heart.
It craved to feel what it would feel like to fly over the edge. To feel the rush of the wind blowing over your body, the exhilaration of the air passing over every hair. To feel alive.
Your heart doesn’t even care about the landing. For your heart the few seconds of life is worth it. In fact even the pain of the landing would be a new experience for the heart.
The part that keeps you on the ledge is your head.
Now obviously jumping off the side of the building would not be a smart thing to do.
But we have become far too adept at listening to our head.
We really have it the wrong way round. We should be training ourselves to listen to what our heart wants.
Your heart is the part that will take you into the unknown.
Win or lose,  your heart doesn’t care.
It wants to experience life.  All of life.
Terence Sweeney designs and delivers programs to have people connect to what is important to them and to have it be expressed in the world. To find out how to Terence can partner you in living a full life, contact Terence here.

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