Do you have stones in your shoes?

runner-winningGrowing up in Scotland many years ago I wasn’t that big on personal development and the like. It wasn’t really done.
When in my late 20’s, a girlfriend told me to go and see a chiropractor I thought she was crazy. It was like she was telling me to go and see a witch doctor (I did end up going though and it made a difference to my back).
Over the years however I found that personal & professional development can be immensely valuable. I think it made much more of a difference to me than formal education.
It is a bit like being a runner, training for years and making small improvements in your results. Then one day you look in your shoes and finding some stones in there. “Wow, do you mean to tell me that all these years I’ve been running with stones in my shoes?”.
Sure you can keep running with stones in there, but it makes much more of a difference to take them out and toss them away. That is the whole point of it. When you take them out it allows you to run a lot faster. Your results improve dramatically.
That is how I see it when I am working with clients. What is holding this person back in what they are up to in life. Very rarely is it that they need more formal education. Usually there are just some stones in their shoes.
Of course the real question is not “Do you have stones in your shoes?”. Everybody has stones in their shoes. You can’t get to adulthood without picking up some along the way.
The real question is “how fast do you want to run?”


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