Having Sex v Brushing Your Teeth

Making Love v Brushing Your TeethA couple of years ago I went for a singing lesson. what I thought would be a straightforward hour ended up being one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.
The singing lesson started with a meditation. Maybe it was where I was at in my life at the time but, in the meditation, I experienced connecting to something I had never experienced before.  I also experienced a level of presence way beyond anything I had experienced before.
After that day, my experience of life went from a level 2 to a level 20. All sensations were sharper, I could feel a whole new level of touch and sensation. When playing the piano, I could feel the keys in a way I never felt before, when I touched someone it was like I could feel their energy in a way I had never felt before. Sensations in every area were heightened.
Life has a whole new experience when you are connected and present. I remember describing to someone at the time that the difference between being present, and not being present, was so great that “I would rather be brushing my teeth and be present, than having sex and not be present”.
Now fortunately they are not the only two choices and the real choice to make is not between brushing your teeth and having sex, but between being present and not being present.
How present you are at any time is one of the greatest factors that expands your experience of life. It allows you to connect with who you really are, where you are going and it dramatically increases your experience of life right now.
With the right tools and practice, you can be present at anytime, allowing for a whole new experience of all of life – the “brushing your teeth” and the “having sex”.
Terence Sweeney works with people to expand their capacity to experience freedom and experience life. For more information on Terence’s programs, contact Terence here.

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