The River

Life is not static.
People think they have to cause things to happen in life. They don’t.
Well not like cause and effect.
“I do this to make that happen”.
There is a flow to life.
You have to start to see life as a river.
It is moving. It is pulling us right now.
Only we can’t feel it because we are holding on to the bank.
We are holding on so tight, because we are scared of where it might take us.
We have tied our arms and legs to the bank so tight that we can no longer feel the flow.
We stay in jobs to hold on to the bank. Relationships to hold on to the bank.
This is not life.
This is survival.
To really live life you have to let go.
To let go into the river.
There is somewhere life wants to take you.
I know you don’t know where the river leads… and it is terrifying.
But that is life.
Find the courage to let go.
To let go into the river.
Experience life!
Terence Sweeney designs and deliver programs to have people fulfill on the potential of their life.
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