Opening Up to Life

Opening Back up to Life 2
In life, things are going to happen that will close you down. You can’t help it. It is part of being alive.
Your partner fails to see your light and dumps you. Your boss fails to see your greatness and fires you.
As life comes at you there is going to be some gunk and some of it is going to stick.
There isn’t even anything wrong with that. As a survival mechanism closing down is awesome.
From the point of view of experiencing life… not so awesome.
We start off as a passionate excited three year old experiencing life at a level of 100,  and progressively turn down life until we experience it a level of 5.
And every time we close down, it gives us a new area of life to avoid so that we don’t close down even more.
No wonder people get grumpier as they get older. No wonder people are not playing full out.
The thing that impacts us the most though is not the shutting down. As I say that works great.
It is that we are very weak at opening ourselves back up.
Most of us have no idea of how to on-goingly open ourselves back up to life.
It is one of the key areas I work on with clients.
Becoming masterful at opening up to life is one of the greatest skills you can have. When you have an access to opening back up at any time you choose, you have real power. The shutting down is no longer a problem.
It allows you to keep putting yourself out there no matter what the result.
Then you no longer have to be afraid of life. No matter what happens you can always open back up.
Then you are able to take on anything.
If you are interested in how you can open back up in areas of your life, call Terence here.

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