It's All About The Experience

MassageLife is all about experiences.
What else are we here for?
We have around 70 years on this planet to experience life in this realm so we may as well make the most of it.
Or were you taught that life was about something else?
I remember a few years ago confronting how much emphasis the world teaches us to value possessions over experiences.
A great example for me is a massage. If it came to spending $200 on a massage, it would automatically occur to me as frivolous. After the massage I would have nothing of value to show for it. It would be much more sensible to buy something “real”. Something that would last.
At some point however, I realized that the only point of buying something ‘real’ is for the experience it gives you. Possessions themselves have no inherent value outside of their capacity to enhance your experience of life. Whether you buy a massage or a item for your kitchen it all comes down to the same thing. Even if you donate the $200 to build a well in Africa, the value of the well is in its capacity to enhance peoples experience of life.
Since then I started making decisions in a different way.
I stopped making decisions from the way I had been taught or what I thought I should do, what was good or bad, right or wrong. I started to make decisions around what I think is going to enhance my experience of life or the experience of life of others.
In fact, everything can be measured by the difference it will make to the experience of your life, the lives of others or the lives of humanity.
I believe it is the only real measure of value.
Try it out. Start looking at life and decisions from this standpoint.
It may give you a whole new perspective on your life.
Terence Sweeney delivers programs to expand peoples capacity to experience of life.
For more information on how Terence can work with you contact him here.

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