Stop Trying To Make Money

Making Money
Do you spend a lot of your time making money, trying to make money, or even thinking about making money?
If so I suggest you stop. It is a screwed up context.
Why is it a screwed up context? Well, money doesn’t work this way. When you go to work you do not make money.
The only people who make money are at the reserve bank.
I know this statement is really obvious, but I want to use it to demonstrate that the way we relate to money is off.
It is no accident that we use this language. We have a relationship with money that is disconnected from how money really works.
Now you may know this in your head but it is very unlikely that you feel it at your core. Unlikely that you experience money the way it really exists.
So, if none of us are making money, what is actually happening?
It is a good question. And one I am going to leave you with.
I know i’m being a tease… it is just too good an inquiry and if I give you an answer, it will lessen the value.
Ponder on this. What is actually happening when you go to work? Let me know what you come up with.
Feel free to comment below.
Terence Sweeney designs and delivers mentoring programs that alter peoples context for life.
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