The Emotional Charge of Money

fighting over $In our society we learn about money mostly from our parents.
We grew up around a lot of conversations about money, and some of these conversations were very “serious and important” and would have held a strong emotional charge.
Particularly when we are kids. We learn about money not just intellectually but emotionally.
We learn’t that it dictates what we can have or can’t have, it dictates whether people are happy or angry.
It must be very important because our parents spent so much of their time trying to get more of it.
We all have emotional charge around money.
So how do we free ourselves up around money?
Do we have to go through years of therapy to complete all the decisions we made around money?
Do we have to say affirmations every morning to give us a clear new context for money?
Fortunately no. We really don’t.
You see it was never about money. Our parents just didn’t really understand money either.
Conversations about money are not really about money.
What are they about then? Well we will get to that next week but… if you want a hint, check out the comments after last weeks post.
If you get it, it will be immensely valuable.
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