It's All About Value

You have to get in your bones that when you are talking and thinking about money – you are usually not talking and thinking about money.
The conversation and thoughts are about value.
All day long you are trading value.
Money may sometimes be included in that trade.
You may give someone value as money and they give you value as butter.
You may give value as expertise and they give you value as money.
It makes no difference though. You are both trading value.
Now there are some benefits to having value stored in money rather than butter. Particularly on a hot day.
But the money is no more valuable than the butter. In fact it would be valid to spend all day thinking, talking and trying to create more value as butter. Butter farmers probably do.
My point is that most people are trying to get great with money rather than getting great at creating and trading value.
Take your focus off the commodity. Every time you start thinking and talking about money, see if you can switch it to value.
It is the key to increasing your wealth.
Terence Sweeney designs and delivers programs to expand peoples performance and their experience of life.

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